26 May, 2019

Tradegate-Nasdaq100 – Top 5 Executed Orders | May 26, 2019 17:01 GMT

May 26, 2019

The most traded stock among NASDAQ-100 shares currently is Tesla Inc (as of 21:01:05 GMT). By end of London trading, 32,025 shares crossed the counter in 1,052 transactions. Shares are currently being sold for €170.26, with bids coming in at €169.90. Tesla suffered a -3.0% loss from its level on previous trading day. (Source: http://www.bankernews.co.uk/, a service of tradegate. Tradegate Exchange is Europe’s leading marketplace for private investors, major shareholder: Deutsche Börse Group.)

The second most traded NASDAQ-100 share on Tradegate currently is Apple Inc. Today's trading saw a trading volume of 45,642 traded shares with 469 transacted orders by close of London trading. The current ask price is at €159.52, while bidding is at €159.46. Apple saw a fall of -0.8% from previous day's close of trading.

Ranked third among the most traded NASDAQ-100 shares on Tradegate Exchange is Amazon.com Inc. 456 transactions with a total of 5,143 company stocks were processed by the closing bell in London. Stocks are currently selling for €1,625.80 and bids are at €1,625.00. Since close of trading on previous day, Amazon has seen its share price level out at 0.1%.

On Tradegate Exchange, the stocks of Baidu.com Inc ADR came in at fourth place on today's trading of NASDAQ-100 shares. By end of trading in London, 9,981 shares were traded in 263 transacted orders. Stocks are now selling for €103.00 and bids are coming in at €102.00. The share price of Baidu has seen a sideways movement since the closing bell on the previous day.

The fifth most traded NASDAQ-100 share on Tradegate currently is Microsoft Corp. 207 transactions with a trading volume of 14,716 shares were registered by end of trading in London. The ask price on stocks is currently at €112.50, bids are at €112.44. Microsoft suffered a -0.4% loss from its level on previous trading day.

(Updated Sunday, 26 May 2019, 21:01:05 GMT.)

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